Letter to the editor: Taylor an ideal choice for fire commissioner


I wholeheartedly endorse Brigid Taylor for the position of fire commissioner in Clark County. Having known Brigid personally for the past year, I’ve witnessed her passionate dedication to education and community welfare. Her 23 years of service as an educator and advocate have made her an invaluable asset to our county.

As my son’s teacher, Brigid not only integrated safety measures into her classroom but instilled in her students the importance of vigilance and proactivity. Her profound understanding of the critical “minutes matter” ethos in emergency response, coupled with her role as a community advocate and organizer, truly sets her apart as a leader.

Brigid is not just a seasoned educator; she is a compassionate leader who combines empathy with forward thinking. Her strategic approach in approving policies and plans, rooted in her exceptional leadership skills, makes her the ideal choice for the role of Fire Commissioner. I am confident that Brigid will champion the safety of Clark County residents with the same dedication and vigor she demonstrates in her classroom and community every day.

Brigid Taylor’s leadership style is a rare blend of passion, empathy and foresight — qualities that our community urgently needs. I am proud to endorse her candidacy and urge you to support Brigid Taylor. Together, let’s entrust our community’s safety to a leader who will guide us toward a safer and promising future.

Kelliana Cole