Letter to the editor: The American family in Washington state is under attack


Ideas that are destructive to humanity are hard to defend against because of their invisible nature, but once the attacking enemy uses them to cause everlasting damage to a targeted society, then the evidence is all around us.

We, as a self-organizing group of concerned citizens, can make positive headway against this outlandish evil once we see what is going on.

What evil specifically could I be addressing? The attack on everything related to the traditional American family: People of all ages and ethnicity who work and settle down to raise children. Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. A traditional family typically displays gender-related roles and preferences based on reality. Those who are dedicated to their children will protect them from evil.

Yet, the enemy, since making its presence known, is after conquering more than just gender. The radical left is attacking the whole premise of our American experience: The hopeful notion of boundless opportunity in the marketplace. They know if they can destroy the American family, they can reshape our future as a society, and alter every aspect of life.

Here’s what we’re up against in Washington state. Radical ideologues who disguise themselves as “public servants” have infiltrated the state government by hook or crook. They have the confidence to push an agenda that drives a painful stake into the hearts of American families because they expect to keep winning elections and never be held accountable for their crazed legislation.

Here’s one. On April 13, Sen. Marko Liias tweeted, “Tonight, we passed #SB5599 to ensure at-risk youth have access to shelter when seeking gender-affirming or reproductive care. Trans youth have been under a nationwide attack, but #WALeg continues to fight for trans rights.”

While it takes me a very long time to find even one instance in current or past news cycles of trans youth being persecuted, I do come across several stories about straight people being bullied by LGTBQ classmates and teachers. That is more common now than the prior assumption of “persecution of trans youth.”

If you have not been living under a rock, then you know what SB 5599 is about. Look it up if you don’t. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, the congresswoman from Washington’s 3rd District, voted no on the Parents Bill of Rights Act recently passed by Congress. In addition to basic reforms that make public school more about student performance, safety and reading, the bill makes common sense requirements ranging from curriculum transparency to parental consent before changing their minor child’s gender markers, pronouns or preferred name.

From all angles, the American family in Washington state is under attack. It is no longer an invisible group of shady figures planning and plotting against you. It is your locally elected officials who are doing it openly for everyone to see.

Matt Garland,

Battle Ground