Letter to the editor: The ‘Big Lie’ is meant to manipulate voters and raise money


Neil Stewart’s letter published April 26th started well when he warned us about the lies of propaganda in the first paragraph. What followed after that was much less understandable but could be defined as political partisanship.

Political partisanship is when one tells us that the other side is bad and lies about everything and implies that my side is everything good and does not lie. I am not a partisan and can safely say, “All political parties, politicians and even presidents lie if it serves their purpose.”

We also know that saying or writing that one has evidence and actual proof are not the same thing. Lying about evidence you don’t have is worse.

For example, our former president tells us, and wants us to believe, the last election was rigged, a grand conspiracy to take the election from him. How are we to know the truth?

A grand election conspiracy would need hundreds of election officials and volunteers involved in several states. The president’s lawyers challenged the results in over 60 court cases in these states and told everyone that would listen they had evidence that would prove this conspiracy. All of those cases were thrown out by each trial judge for lack of actual evidence. The “conspiracy” would now require all of these judges in different states to be involved, including several who were appointed by the former president.

Based on the above, I believe the former president told us this lie, this “Big Lie,” to manipulate voters and to raise money for his defense in the many criminal cases he is involved in. There is the famous quote, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” We should add political lies to this list.

Darrell Anderson

Battle Ground