Letter to the editor: The silent majority is done being silent


I would like to comment on the recent “rally” that was held in my neighborhood of Whispering Pines by the far right political faction on Sept. 19. I was completely shocked and unaware of what was transpiring in my neighborhood. We are a small, quiet neighborhood on the outskirts of Battle Ground.

This rally, which I was told was a “Christian” gathering by an attendee, took place right in the middle of our neighborhood in the main intersection. There were people parking all over the streets and walking in to where canopies and tables had been set up. There were microphones with people singing, and later people espousing their own political ideology. There were men in fatigues walking up and down our sidewalks with flags that are associated with white supremacists.

From my understanding, they were there to send a message to the mayor of Battle Ground who lives in our small neighborhood. The joke is he wasn’t even home. What they did do is anger the whole neighborhood with their presumptuous invasion of our homes and our privacy.

I guess their brand of freedom is only for those who share their beliefs. How would they like a group of people setting up microphones and in front of their homes and loudly espousing differing political views? As a side note, the Battle Ground police were called about this and did nothing. So if anyone would like to know where the concept of defunding the police comes from this is a perfect example. A police department not serving or protecting its constituency. (This is not the only time the Battle Ground police have been notified of a problem and done nothing.) The one positive thing this rally has done is to activate those in our neighborhood to make sure this kind of thing never catches us off guard again. The silent majority is done being silent.

Susan Offerman,

Battle Ground


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  • MontyWinton

    Freedom of speech is worth very little without dialog! Susan Offerman uses the word presumptuous in discribing the motives of those trying to be heard. Words like Christian WHITE supremacist! She talks about the call for defunding the police and neglects to mention the rioting in Portland, Seattle and other major cities across the country where the call for defunding the police originated from. We are not the ones throwing the punches, burning cars, buildings looting entire retail building and attacking the police. President Bidens DOJ wants to clasify us as domestic terrorist! I have yet to hear the word Domestic terrorist used when discribing ANTIFA OR BLM! We are concerned citizens worried about our childrens future! And we are doing all we can in a peaceable way to be heard! Attending School Board Meetings where School Board Members generally will not respond to the parents. We have invited School Board members to a Town Hall and they have refused to let us be heard! Two minutes at a podium with zero feedback! I do believe The School Board Members are answering to their Union Boses and not the parents!

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