Letter to the editor: Thornton deserves respect for public service



I appreciate the coverage The Reflector gives to North Clark County and was pleased to see the front-page article about La Center’s Mayor Greg Thornton. I confess I did not vote for Greg when he first ran for office. It was only later when I began to understand the difficulties facing the city due to prior personnel actions that I came to appreciate his dedication to bringing city policies in line with good governance. This was a struggle as many people had a vested interest in maintaining the old ways.

Greg faced sometimes vicious opposition that would have daunted a lesser man, but he quietly persisted. He was always dedicated to doing the right thing for the citizens of La Center. When he should have been enjoying retirement, he was almost always at work by 8:30 a.m. daily. He was a full-time mayor who knew the city’s needs due to his many years of experience first on the Planning Committee and later as a City Council member.

He earned my respect for his total lack of ego, unfortunately a rare attribute in a mayor. His legacy is the staff he put in place. Finally, La Center has competent employees in place to serve the citizens. Let’s hope it persists.

Jack Davis

La Center