Letter to the editor: Time has come to demand Kent’s withdrawal from campaign 


It’s far past time for Joe Kent to drop out of the CD3 race.

Joe is flatly and utterly unelectable. The most he can hope for is to get Jaime Herrera Beutler reelected. At worst, he will get Democrat Marie Gluesenkamp Perez elected and flip the seat blue. It’s increasingly clear that the only hope for avoiding a Democrat seat-flip or another term for an incumbent RINO is for Kent to drop-out and support Heidi St. John.

Kent’s dirty-tricks campaign and his attacks on job creators grew thin a year ago. But his relentless calling for re-litigating the 2020 presidential election absolutely guarantees that neither mainstream Republicans in the primary nor Democrats and independents in the general election will support him, if by some miracle he wins the primary.

His was an ill-conceived candidacy from day one. Kent entered the campaign with absolutely no knowledge or experience in the district and a shady past as a registered Democrat, a Bernie Sanders voter and perhaps most of all, a background as a CIA spook.

The time has come for Republicans throughout the district to demand Joe’s withdrawal from the campaign and his full-throated support for Heidi St. John if conservatives are to have any chance to avoid reelecting a RINO or flipping the seat Democratic. Joe Kent claims to be an “America First” conservative. Now, let’s see if he is willing to pursue what’s best for Southwest Washington ahead of his own selfish ambition.

Terry Busch,



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  • liberalsbane

    What color is the sky in Terry Busch's world? Kent is the leading candidate in the race to unseat Herrera-Beutler and you know it. That's why you want him to withdraw. St' John is trailing badly in the polls and that angers you.

    Wednesday, July 27 Report this

  • MJRocks

    I use the name "Joe K*nt" cuz his campaign staffer is totally cool with mispronouncing names of federal lands and mocked me when I corrected him.

    Bad me- he's right to not make a fuss about names. And that's why I call him "Joe K*nt."

    Friday, July 29 Report this

  • MJRocks

    Yo Joe- let's talk about WA3 and what is important here- not talk your Trumpet Puppet rhetoric about the other 434 districts.

    To everyone else- Joe K*NT does NOT deserve your vote cuz he thinks-

    A- EVERY mill in the District is tooled for 18' Doug Fir processing.

    B- The Spotted Owl thing happened in the 70's and still rages today.

    C- That roads EXSIST where old growth grows.

    D- That Yalcolt Burn area IS/HAS old growth.

    E- Wants to go head-to-head with WeyCo.

    F- Doesn't know words NEPA SEPA exsist.

    G- Doesn't know who owns which forest is where (USFS, DNR, WeyCo, James River, or home owner) or differences therein.

    H- Doesn't know what FERC licensing is, or that it just happened on the Lewis.

    BUT- BUT- BUT-

    K*NT sure can PUPPET TRUMP-ET cuz he assumes WA3 voters are really THAT Stupid to choose an "OUTSIDER" SHOUTING CRT- over Herrera-Buetler, the candidate who understands the local economies in Skamania, Cowlitz, Wahakikum, Lewis, Pacific & Clark counties- WHICH IS ALL TIMBER BASED YOU K*NT!

    Friday, July 29 Report this