Letter to the editor: Victoria Ferrer not responsive, present in campaign


Paging Victoria Ferrer, do you exist? A funny thing happens when you dare question if a candidate running to fill a seat on the Battle Ground City Council actually exists. The Clark County Republicans send their best to respond with fantastical dreamy tales of a candidate who’s a “warrior for Battle Ground” and, if she hasn’t personally visited your home, you haven’t even bothered to try and contact her. Because she’s spoken to thousands. And other magical constitutional freedoms happenings.

When did it become the default campaign strategy to simply not show up? Don’t worry yourself with appointments, interviews, public panels or responses. Sit back and rest on the hostilities of a local party seemingly intent on filling city seats with their party chairs.

I’m sure Mrs. Ferrer is a very nice person. But, apparently, unless you’re in the “Patriot® circle,” or are comfortable cold-calling a stranger just to hear answers to questions regarding actual city business that every other candidate on the ballot this November has answered publicly, well, you’ll never know. She’s never answered any of my inquiries, though there have been many. Maybe it’s unfair of me to expect that if you have a campaign social media account, a web form on your campaign website and campaign email address, you would receive a reply if utilized. My bad I guess.

Eric Langlitz

Battle Ground