Letter to the editor: Vote for a positive force: Troy McCoy for city council


Battle Ground, at 70 years old, has gone from being a small town to a formidable city and is now well positioned to address and improve our infrastructure, housing and other critical issues that matter to residents. The first step to seize our opportunities is to elect a new city council candidate.

Do you care about Battle Ground? Are you interested in improving our city’s economics? This requires a candidate that is focused on moving our city forward. Also needed is a candidate that has a strong business acumen to help drive our city’s financial success. And lastly, a candidate that has the strong ability to listen to all sides of an issue to ensure the priorities of the constituents are heard and incorporated into the decision making that affects all of us.

Which candidate can move Battle Ground forward? Consider casting your vote for a city council candidate that is dedicated to improving the city where he and his family live: a resident for over two decades, local business owner Troy McCoy.

Well-informed voters will appreciate McCoy’s decades of business expertise.

McCoy’s success in those roles is not only due to his talent but also his integrity and collaborative spirit that is dedicated to improving Battle Ground. He will honor constituent input and be focused on our community’s success.

Vote for a positive force: Troy McCoy for city council.

Paul G. Bruegl, Battle Ground


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