Letter to the editor: Vote for civility, good management by our experienced school board members


People who serve on school boards are non-partisan, unpaid public servants. They support our children in getting an education that will prepare them for life. That education should teach them how to respectfully relate to each other — to solve problems and work through disagreements with their fellow citizens. Learning such cooperation and respect is fundamental to a working democracy. In this campaign season, I’ve been shocked to see local school board members shouted at, threatened and falsely accused of advocating a radical left-wing agenda. This is a lie that has been ginned up by big money working through conservative think tanks and media at a national level. They are trying to take our local governments by force, not unlike the Jan. 6 attack on Congress.

We can’t live in a post-truth country, violently divided against each other and cheated by big money donors who use culture wars to elect politicians who will do their bidding. Incumbent school board members are promoting an accurate teaching of history so students can learn from our accomplishments and our mistakes. Vote for civility and good management by our experienced school board members. Reject the outrage machine.

Gary Seeman, Ridgefield


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