Letter to the editor: Vote Justin Keeler for La Center City Council


La Center is a beautiful, peaceful and fun community and I am thankful for having lived here for many years. I want our city’s leadership to make informed, rational decisions that will protect our little town so it can continue to thrive. There seems to be so much emotion and drama all around the political sphere right now, but city council is not the place for that.

I support Justin Keeler for city council because he is thoughtful and knowledgeable about how our city government works and what issues are facing us as a town. Justin gathers information, listens and works toward the best decisions for all. He does not have an agenda, he just wants to help our community be as successful as possible. His responses to questions always seem to be fact-based and reasonable. Let’s get Keeler on the council so we can have a trustworthy and capable representative working for our city’s government.

Joe Bosch,

La Center


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