Letter to the editor: Vote yes on BGPS levy


In my dual roles as a teacher at River HomeLink in Battle Ground Public Schools (BGPS) and the father of two young children who will attend BGPS in the near future, I urge voters to vote yes on the four-year replacement levy for Battle Ground Public School on Nov. 2.

I have been a teacher for 12 years, yet my job will be at risk if the levy fails. I have already been involuntarily transferred twice this year because BGPS can’t afford to hire new teachers to fill open positions at my school. My family of four depends on my income as a teacher as my wife stays at home with our two young children.

My son will be entering kindergarten next school year and his younger sister will soon follow. If the levy passes, my children will have smaller class sizes, elective options like art and music, experienced teachers with updated curriculum, and the opportunity to play middle school sports.

Your support would mean so much to my family, BGPS, and the greater Battle Ground community.

William Baur, Battle Ground


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