Letter to the editor: WA-3 voters can choose to reject the two-party system


WA-3 voters have a chance to make history by rejecting political polarization and monetary influences in politics. 

There is an independent candidate for Washington’s 3rd congressional district running on the fundamental ideas of moving away from political polarization, removing the monetary influences in politics, and serving the people of Southwest Washington.

Out of the last 15,000 congressional elections, only 15 have been won by independents or third-party candidates. WA-3 voters can choose to reject the two-party system, which has dominated our nation’s politics, but has not looked out for the best interest of the people. Voting to send an independent to Congress demonstrates we want a government that works for the people and not for political parties.

Over $6 million have been raised by candidates in this election. However, one independent candidate has not asked for or accepted campaign donations. Money has been used to influence candidates and legislation, oftentimes against the best interests of the people. WA-3 voters can send a message on election day by rejecting monetary influences in politics. 

We can make history in WA-3 on Aug. 2. Vote Independent. Vote Chris Byrd for Congress. 

Chris Byrd

Independent candidate for WA-3,



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