Letter to the editor: We are a mess with no plan out of the quagmire


In a 1951 science fiction film, and subsequent 2008 remake, Klaatu comes to Earth to warn its people to stop their violent tendencies or face serious consequences. As a child, I was pretty sure the threat would not bring peace to Earth. My generation had “duck and cover” after all.

And now daily violence around the world shows how too many of us fail to hold the life of others precious. Dictators want total obedience. Religious zealots want only their god. The greedy want more land, more money. Racists want only one color of skin. Excuse after excuse.

History and the culture of the USA favor violence. Religions and political groups are driven by an angry ideology, ethnic gangs fight for power. Without a national support system to help troubled individuals, they turn to violence. More excuses.

We are a mess with no plan out of the quagmire. I can work on me, but without a true national determination to end the glorification of violence by those who have the power to establish a national tone of peace, we are, well, screwed.

And still we hope. Klaatu, where are you? Come to Earth, make the Earth stand still, frighten us into change. Please.

Marjorie Casswell,



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  • Mackep

    Apparently climate change, millions of deaths during a pandemic, tens of thousands murdered annually, an attempted insurrection, and on and on and on. Not familiar with the story of Klaatu, but if what we see daily isn't enough to move the US to action, I doubt Klaatu would have any better luck.

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