Letter to the editor: What does the district gain by moving at a snail’s pace?


Teachers are a school district’s most precious resource. They know their students, care about their students, and educate their students in ways that are most appropriate for each learner. In Ridgefield, in particular, people are moving into the district in order to have their children attend Ridgefield schools.

So why does it appear that the district negotiators are dragging their feet and not negotiating in good faith? I attended a meeting on July 27 which was day five of the negotiations. Over 50 teachers drove in early on that very hot summer day to gather and understand what is happening. Answer: practically nothing. What does the district gain by moving at a snail’s pace?

Act in good faith, engage in earnest in the negotiations and make progress. Moving extremely slowly is not productive. It is not productive for students, families, parents, and non-contract district staff, as well as for teachers.

Rheta Rubenstein, 



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