Letter to the editor: What justifies wide availability of semi automatic firearms? 


What are the indispensable civilian uses that justify the wide availability of rapid-fire semi automatic firearms to most Americans of a certain age? My four Southwest Washington-area representatives (Jaime Herrera Beutler, Lynda Wilson, Vicki Kraft and Paul Harris) have all declined to answer this essential question, which I continue to pose to each of them. 

Ellen Sward,



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  • liberalsbane

    The U.S. Constitution, The U.S. Supreme Court and the will of the people to have a government that cannot easily turn on and enslave them.

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  • liberalsbane

    People like you who want the right to dictate whether people may have the right to own personal weapons make other people very nervous. Anyone who harbors a desire to manage the lives of others is potentially dangerous.

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