Nominations still open for Battle Ground Citizen of the Year 


The Battle Ground Citizen of the Year Committee is seeking nominations from the community to honor someone for their work in 2022. 

The Battle Ground Citizen of the Year honor is a “time-honored tradition,” stated the committee on social media. Recipients receive recognition in various ways, which include riding in the annual Harvest Days parade and having a rose ceremonially planted in their honor by the Royal Rosarians of Portland. 

This has been another unusual year, making it difficult to see all the good works we know are happening,” stated the committee. “We rely on your eyes and ears to help us recognize and celebrate those working hard for our community.”

The deadline for nominations is Jan. 20. 

People can nominate a person, a couple or a group online at

Previous Battle Ground Citizen of the Year winners include: 

1973: Larry Gaylor

1974: Bob Brown

1975: Jenneane Dietel

1976: Louise Tucker

1977: Florence Robison

1978: Olivia and John Dodge

1979: Roy Staley

1980: Bob and Thelma Bertsch

1981: Everett Eaton

1982: Dr. Greg Barcus

1983: Denise Fairweather

1984: Terry Reddish, Gladis McKinnis and Bonnie Walden

1985: Harold Wulff

1986: Sharon and Jim Brown

1987: Ron Lahmann

1988: Merle Locke

1989: Frank and Leona Everett

1990: Ruthie Brown

1991: Elaine Hertz

1992: Sue Tegthof

1993: Ronnie Johnson

1994: Bill Tucker

1995: Ron Johnson

1996: Rose Frankhauser

1997: John Idsinga

1998: Cleon (Mac) McConnell

1999: Jerry Kolke

2000: Bill Crego

2001: Bob Hamel

2002: Nils and Pat Wiwel

2003: Barb Evans

2004: Alex Reinhold

2005: Rich and Trish Rubin

2006: Beverly Brissler

2007: Mike and Gilda Ciraulo

2008: Don and Jane Higgins

2009: Jane Yarbrough

2010: Jill Kurtz

2011: Claire Lider

2012: Aryani Perivi

2013: Lori Lindberg

2014: Curtis Miller

2015: Don and Veronica Mirehouse 

2016: Bev Jones 

2017: Peter Bascetta 

2018: Lydia Sanders 

2019: COVID-19 pandemic lockdown/No Harvest Days/No 2019 COY

2020: Scott Keller 

2021: Tyler Mode