Pioneer Street widening project expected to cause traffic delays


As Ridgefield’s Pioneer Street widening project enters its next phase, residents should be prepared for traffic delays, according to city officials.

A contractor is currently building the Union Ridge Town Center north of Pioneer Street, which will feature the Costco being developed, with expectations to complete construction in August. To accompany the project, the city is paving two new roads, one that will connect Pioneer Street to the new Costco and one that will extend North 56th Place from Pioneer Street to Costco. Pioneer Canyon Drive, one of the two new roads, will connect with the extended North 56th Place through a new roundabout. The Pioneer Street widening project will address the additional traffic expected from the new commercial zone.

Beginning in September, an intersection of Pioneer and the newly built 53rd Place will be constructed. According to the City of Ridgefield’s website, “The improved section of Pioneer Street will include two travel lanes and a shared use path, separated from vehicles by a planter strip, in either direction.”

Closures on Pioneer Street for the intersection are expected to take place. Traffic will detour through North 50th Place and North 56th Place to mitigate the impact. Single-lane closures will occur earlier in the phase and are expected to end in October.

Widening of Pioneer Street between North 53rd and North 56th Place will begin in fall. Both directions will have two travel lanes and a shared-use path for pedestrians and bicyclists, separated by planter strips. Both single-lane and complete closures will take place throughout the process, which will conclude in spring next year.

At the same time, Pioneer Street will be widened from 53rd Place to Royle Road, sharing the same two travel lanes and pedestrian paths. The project will also end in spring, and will connect Pioneer Street with North 50th Place through a new roundabout.

In a May 9 meeting, the Ridgefield City Council agreed to pay $1.8 million for Consor, a contractor, to oversee construction throughout the process. Ridgefield Public Works Director Chuck Green told the council that the construction costs are expected to be approximately $21-22 million after bidding. Bids for construction will be opened on May 30.

“Things are gonna be moving pretty fast,” Green said. “...We have experience with that team right now. [Consor] and a contractor have, in Royle north, … worked very well to keep that project ahead and limiting lane closures and traffic impacts for that project…”

The council also voted unanimously to approve a beautification contract for Pioneer Street’s Interstate 5 overpass that is expected to cost over $100,000. The project entails fixing 76 metal prints of sandhill cranes, a local bird found in Ridgefield, to a rail on the overpass, facing I-5 drivers. The chosen artistic team will place the metal prints themselves before the end of 2024. The city will also review possible traffic impacts for the I-5 overpass.

The railroad overpass, connecting the Port of Ridgefield to downtown, will also receive metal crane prints. The council will vote on that project in a future meeting.

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