Real Estate Buying Made Simple

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Image of View of outside of traditional american house with beautiful summer landscaping
Image of View of outside of traditional american house with beautiful summer landscaping

Beginning to think of purchasing a new home? It may feel like an overwhelming process. To help you navigate, here is the home buying process after considering buying a new home;  (Please keep in mind that the Seller pays the fees to have your Buyers Agent assist you with your home purchase. They don’t get paid until the transaction closes)

  1. Acquire a pre-approval letter from your selected lender. Sellers like to see that letter with the offer so they trust you qualify for their home. 
  2. Meet with your real estate agent and go over a list of your needs/wants. This helps them narrow down your search along with the amount you are qualified for. 
  3. Schedule and Tour homes with your real estate agent. Update your agent with areas you like/dislike and any changes to your needs/wants. 
  4. Choose a home you fall in love with and have your real estate agent write a competitive offer. Some sellers require all offers to be in by a deadline. Negotiations may occur after submitting
  5. Once an offer is accepted, you will need to deposit your earnest money amount to the agreed title company within the deadline
  6. While your real estate agent is scheduling your home inspection, you will be submitting applications for your loan and insurance. 
  7. Once the inspection is completed within the agreed timeframe, review the results and choose if you accept the results or counter for repairs, asking your seller to remedy issues or pay for repairs. 
  8. Next to be completed is the appraisal. Your lender schedules it and if the appraisal comes in around or at your offered amount your mortgage should move to the next step. Once you submit all required documents, you will receive your mortgage approval.
  9. It is suggested to have a final walk-through 5 days prior to closing to make sure the home stayed the way it was when your offer was submitted. 
  10. You will receive the closing disclosure three days prior to closing. 
  11. Review the closing statement to make sure all the numbers and credits are correct and accounted for. 
  12. Sign your closing documents at the title company and pay your closing costs (if applicable). 
  13. Once your title documents record with the county, you receive your new keys! 

Welcome to Your New Home!