Remodel at bakery, cafe in Battle Ground uncovers hidden gem


During the remodeling of the exterior to a new Al and Ernie’s Bakery and Cafe, which will be opening soon in Battle Ground on Main Street, builders uncovered a hidden gem from the city’s history.

Paint that remained fresh and unaffected by the elements because of a metal overhang that wrapped around the storefront reads “Ron’s Complete Food Center” at the site of what most older residents of Battle Ground recall as Al and Ernie’s, a former corner store at Main Street and Grace Avenue in old town Battle Ground. The upcoming bakery and cafe at the same location will wear the old corner store name.

In an article by The Hatchwise Learning Center, “The Complete History of the 7UP Logo,” the 7-UP soda logo seen on the food center sign dates back to 1939-69 with other sources labeling the exact style of the 7-UP logo with the registered symbol added to the graphic in the 1950s.

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