Ridgefield Flooring brings local ties to flooring supply


Bryan Delano and his business partner, David Cecil, bring years of experience and a homegrown background to their second flooring business, Ridgefield Flooring.

Their first flooring business, located in Jantzen Beach in Portland, has been successful, and bringing a flooring-supply business to north Clark County has been Delano’s goal. He grew up in  Battle Ground and lives in Ridgefield.

Delano has watched Ridgefield grow for the last 16 years. The massive influx of new homes, calls for flooring.

“We’re a family-owned, family-run local store just trying to help out the community any way we can and help Ridgefield grow,” Delano said. “Ridgefield is obviously growing. People need floors.”

Delano, who installed floors for 25 years, said he eagerly opened his own store. His experience has helped his customer service approach, he added.

“The personal attention to each customer is what I take pride in [as] is making sure everybody is getting exactly what they want for the budget that they can afford, just making sure that everybody is taken care of, not shuffled through and trying to make a dollar off of them,” Delano said.

He offers luxury vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl planks, carpet and even custom basketball gym flooring. He can even accommodate full-size basketball floors with 100% customizable patterns and colors, he added.

Delano said he has received positive customer feedback about his new Ridgefield location.

“A lot of people are excited that we’re out here. They’re happy to buy local instead of having to go into Vancouver or up to Longview,” Delano said. “The community has been very promising.”

To find the perfect match for their residence, Delano lets customers take samples home to see if it matches their home’s feel and lighting. He said that lighting affects how flooring and colors look once installed.

As a former installer, Delano knows the importance of having it done right and at a good price.

“We don’t install, but we do have licensed, bonded and insured installers that we recommend. Like a lot of companies that offer the installs, the installers they use are not the top of the line installers because the company that’s selling the install is taking a chunk of the cost,” Delano explained. “We don’t take a penny from the installer. Therefore, you’re going to get a better installer that’s going to do a better job that actually cares about the job.”

Ridgefield Flooring is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays, at 4411 South Settler Drive, Suite 110, in Ridgefield. For more information, call 360-309-4987, or visit ridge fieldflooring.net.