Ridgefield man accused of threatening to kill infant


A Ridgefield man faces several charges, including attempted murder and kidnapping, after he allegedly threatened to kill his child.

On Oct. 11, Aarondeep Johal, 32, made a first appearance in Clark County Superior Court. He faces a charge of second-degree attempted murder, two charges of third-degree assault, a domestic violence fourth-degree assault charge, two first-degree kidnapping charges, residential burglary, third-degree malicious mischief and resisting arrest.

According to a probable cause affidavit for Johal’s arrest, Vancouver police arrived at the 7 Eleven in the 5100 block of Northeast 112th Avenue after the mother of the alleged victim contacted her, saying she was with Johal and was in fear. The mother said she was aware there was a no-contact order against Johal for the victim.

An employee at the 7 Eleven said the victim entered the store and asked to use the phone, the affidavit stated. While on the phone the victim looked outside and became panicked. The employee said a male, later identified as Johal, entered the store and started to chase the victim, taking the phone from the victim and smashing it on the wall.

Eventually Johal was able to grab the victim and drag her out of the store, according to the affidavit, as he shoved her to the ground outside. He pushed the victim into a vehicle before he drove away at a high rate of speed, the employee said, who noted the victim was screaming the entire time, saying “no” and “leave me alone.”

The affidavit stated the victim’s mother started receiving text messages from the victim stating she was fine and did not need assistance, though because the victim and Johal’s phones were linked, the victim’s mother believed the messages were either made under pressure or by Johal himself.

When a family member of the victim’s was contacted, she said Johal had picked up the victim’s infant child and “smelled of alcohol,” the affidavit stated.

Johal and the victim were later located at the victim’s apartment in the 2400 block of Northeast Four Seasons Lane, the affidavit stated. Responding officers could hear a loud argument from inside the apartment, during which time the victim texted her mother she was bleeding. The victim exited the apartment and officers found her bleeding from a wound on the back of her head.

After officers told Johal he was under arrest numerous times, he picked up a hammer and raised it above the infant’s head, saying he was going to kill the child, according to the affidavit. Later, Johal said he was going to throw the child off the apartment balcony. Officers were able to get between Johal and the door to the balcony, after which Johal placed the child between his chest and the wall, pressing against the child.

Officers were able to separate Johal from the child and after a struggle, took him into custody, according to the affidavit. Johal allegedly spit at one of the officers.

Johal’s bail was set at $1 million. He is scheduled for another court appearance on Oct. 22.


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