Ridgefield School District honors its employee, students for February


Officials from the Ridgefield School District recognized its employee and students of the month at a school board meeting on Feb. 14.

Emi Werner, with the Early Learning Center, was honored as the employee of the month for February. A news release stated Werner “is filled with laughter” and exhibits an “unique flair.” She is described as someone who makes each student feel loved and special. Werner is described as a great coworker who “never misses a chance to encourage her students and brings out the very best in them.”

Felix Hagensen, a pre-kindergarten student, was selected as the student of the month at the Early Learning Center.  Hagensen has shown tremendous growth as a peer and a student, as he’s taken on a leadership position to help others. “He loves to make others around him smile, play around and maintain a light classroom environment,” stated the release. “He’s confident in himself and is always ready to let other friends join him in what he’s doing.”

Jaden Panis, a third grader, was chosen as the student of the month at South Ridge Elementary School. Panis is described as an enthusiastic student who loves to learn new things and try new strategies. Panis is passionate about his schooling and shows empathy to the other students. “Jaden’s commitment to learning as well as his commendable social-emotional skills are perfect examples of what it means to be a South Ridge Roadrunner,” stated the release.

Gwendolyn Bomar, a first grader, was selected as the student of the month at Union Ridge Elementary School. Bomar has academically worked hard as a reader and has drastically improved her fluency and her reading level. Her teacher is most impressed with her empathy for others. “She has a caring heart for those around her and is constantly showing kindness and patience to her peers,” stated the release.

Meghan Saha, a sixth grader, was honored as the student of the month at Sunset Ridge Intermediate School. Saha has worried diligently toward being independent while also identifying when help is needed. “Meghan has thrived this year spending more time with her peers and teachers,” stated the release. “Notably, she has put in the work with math, growing by two full grades on her iReady Diagnostic.”

Josie Hicks,  an eighth grader, was chosen as the student of the month at View Ridge Middle School. Hicks is described as someone who has an “outstanding personality” and a student who exhibits continuous effort in every facet of her studies. Hicks is an active, focused and positive participant in her classes, according to the release.  She regularly contributes thoughtful responses, questions and clarifications to discussions and seeks opportunities to further her growth and learning.

Corbin Dugger, a senior, was selected as the student of the month at Wisdom Ridge Academy. Dugger came to the academy at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year credit deficient and wasn’t sure he would be able to graduate in June of 2023 with his classmates. “Corbin has worked exceptionally hard to not only stay caught up in his WRA classes, but is also working two jobs, one in roofing and one with Simplot off-loading ships,” stated the release. He is described as an impressive student. Dugger will be the first person in his family to earn a high school diploma. He hopes to work as a longshoreman after high school.

Makayla Ferguson, a senior, was honored as the student of the month at Ridgefield High School. Ferguson is said to be respectful to staff, students, coaches and their opponents. She is described as responsible and resilient, whether that be on the basketball court or the softball field. “When she’s not busy in the classroom or on the court, Makayla can be found reading or painting, which she has turned into a money-making venture by custom-painting shoes,” stated the release. Ferguson will play collegiate softball next year for the College of Idaho and hopes to pursue sports medicine.