River Homelink has first-ever college-athlete signing


After 30 years, a student at River Homelink, a Battle Ground Public Schools district alternative school, has signed their first ever college commitment.

Serena Hewes, a student and a softball catcher for the Prairie Falcons, opted for her college commitment signing at River Homelink. Hewes inked her commitment to Hesston College in Kansas on Wednesday, Feb. 28, in front of a crowd of students, staff, friends and family.

The signing meant a lot to River Homelink Principal Matthew Kesler. He joked that it took 30 years to have a college athlete for the Lynx. Earlier this year, River Homelink celebrated its 30th anniversary.

“It’s just special because she’s the first,” Kesler said of Hewes signing at River Homelink. “And I think the story that I told at the beginning — that she insisted on signing here … that she insisted on signing with us is really a wonderful gesture and a real honor.”

Hewes thanked Kesler, Bonnie Roggenkamp and Sandy Sparks for their guidance at River Homelink. For Hewes, signing at River Homelink over where she plays athletics was important for her.

“I did all my sports at Prairie and sure all my friends are there, but all the staff members were all the ones who really helped me,” Hewes said. “And so I felt it was important that I was here with them.”

Going to school in Kansas will mark the return of a battery consisting of friends. With Hewes behind the dish, her friend Destiny Scott will be in the circle for Division II Hesston College in Kansas. Hewes and Scott met in December at Hesston College to commit to play softball together as a pitcher-catcher duo.

“I’ve seen her off and on, but she moved to Oklahoma, but we felt like, bond wise, we were the best pitcher-catcher duo in the West, especially at tournaments,” Hewes said.  “Like, her and I just had this connection that most pitchers and catchers have, but not as much as we did.”

Hewes’ senior season with Prairie softball is slated to get underway at home on Monday, March 11, against the Columbia River Rapids. Hewes said she is looking forward to getting behind home plate and “just playing ball” for her final high school season.