Saddle Club event hosts surprise birth of goats

Luna, a pygmy goat owned by Connie Lund, takes care of two newborn boys at the Clark County Saddle Club May 22.
Luna, a pygmy goat owned by Connie Lund, takes care of two newborn boys at the Clark County Saddle Club May 22.
photo by Rick Bannan

Attendees at a trail riding practice event were surprised by two brand-new members of another hooved species as a goat brought in to interact with horses gave birth to twins.

Participants were engaged in horseback riding courses that simulated hazards on trails at the Clark County Saddle Club on May 22, when Luna, a three-year-old pygmy goat, brought some unexpected but welcomed guests into the indoor arena that afternoon.

Luna’s owner, Connie Lund, of Hockinson, said that morning Luna had been acting normal with no signs she would go into labor later that day. About an hour before she gave birth, she began panting and pawing at a part of the pen on the side of the indoor arena she was housed in.

Luna left the event as the new mother of two brand-new boys — one black-and-tan and the other white like its mother. Lund said the goat had previously given birth to another set of twins last year.

Being present during the birth is helpful for moving the pregnancy along. Lund provided minimal assistance as she made sure the babies’ heads were out first to prevent suffocation.

“Of course you want to help them out, but nature really needs to take its course,” Lund said.

Apart from other animals, the courses featured uneven terrain, jumps, and a rope gate, among other obstacles.

While many taking part were riding their own horses, one rider, Shasta Bennett, brought her colt Boots for “ponying,” which is when a rider leads another horse while mounted on their own. She said ponying helps get a young horse used to the trail experience before trying it themselves.

Lund has been raising goats for about five or six years, mostly for pony parties and horse camps. She said Luna and her other goats are quite used to being around other animals. They make good props for the trail course event.

Lund said she’s never had one of her goats give birth while off her property.

“Normally you want them to be at home in their own atmosphere, but .. it happens when it happens,” Lund said.


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