Seasons start for North Clark County girls basketball teams


Area high school basketball courts are once again filled with the sounds of squeaking shoes and cheers from the bleachers as the 2022-2023 season for girl’s basketball is back in action. North Clark County teams have already played a handful of games, though the season’s still young as the teams try to make their push for playoff berths in February.

Trico 1A

La Center Wildcats

La Center High School’s girls basketball team has had a rough start coming off of a playoff appearance last year. In the 2021-2022 season, the Wildcats had a 16-8 record, winning all but one of their eight games against Trico League 1A opponents and came in third place in districts. The team beat Annie Wright in regionals, 52-48, before losing to Colville in the first round of the state playoffs, 26-39.

La Center’s first five games of this year have ended in losses for the Wildcats. Most recently, they lost against Woodland in a 24-59 game.


Nov. 28 versus Toutle Lake, Wildcats lost 35-46

Nov. 30 at Adna, Wildcats lost 11-70

Dec. 1 versus Montesano, Wildcats lost 15-57

Dec. 5 versus Wahkiakum, Wildcats lost 38-47

Dec. 7 versus Woodland, Wildcats lost 24-59

Dec. 14 versus Heritage

Dec. 19 at Ridgefield

Dec. 20 at Fort Vancouver

Dec. 22 at Tenino

Jan. 4 at Stevenson

Jan. 6 versus Seton Catholic

Jan. 9 at Battle Ground

Jan. 11 versus King’s Way Christian

Jan. 13 versus Columbia (White Salmon)

Jan. 17 at Castle Rock

Jan. 19 versus Stevenson

Jan. 24 at Seton Catholic

Jan. 26 at King’s Way Christian

Jan. 31 at Columbia (White Salmon)

Feb. 2 versus Castle Rock

Greater St. Helens League 2A

Hockinson Hawks

The Hockinson High School girls basketball team had a 13-8 record for the 2021-2022 season, winning 10 of their 15 games in the GSHL 2A league. They had the best record overall and league play of the three North Clark County schools in the league.

The Hawks started off the season with two losses before a 48-18 win against R.A. Long on Dec. 6.


Nov. 26 at Skyview, Hawks lost 11-22

Dec. 1 at Tumwater, Hawks lost 13-56

Dec. 6 at R.A. Long, Hawks won 48-18

Dec. 8 at Hudson’s Bay, Hawks lost 40-64

Dec. 12 versus Ridgefield 

Dec. 14 versus Columbia River

Dec. 16 at Woodland

Jan. 4 at Prairie

Jan. 6 versus Mark Morris

Jan. 10 at Kelso

Jan. 12 at Washougal

Jan. 14 versus R.A. Long

Jan. 18 versus Hudson’s Bay

Jan. 20 at Ridgefield

Jan. 24 at Columbia River

Jan. 26 versus Woodland

Jan. 31 at Mark Morris

Feb. 7 versus Washougal

Ridgefield Spudders

The Ridgefield girls had a 7-14 record in the 2021-2022 season, winning six of their 18 league games. Following an 18-18 tie with Skyview to kick off the season, the Spudders won back-to-back games against Prairie and Fort Vancouver before taking their first loss of the season against Mark Morris, 46-51. 


Nov. 26 at Skyview, Spudders tied 18-18

Nov. 29 versus Prairie, Spudders won 44-37

Dec. 6 at Fort Vancouver, Spudders won 35-19

Dec. 8 versus Mark Morris, Spudders lost 46-51

Dec. 9 versus Union, Spudders lost 25-78

Dec. 12 at Hockinson 

Dec. 14 at Washougal

Dec. 16 versus R.A. Long

Dec. 19 versus La Center

Jan. 4 versus Hudson’s Bay

Jan. 6 at Montesano

Jan. 10 versus Columbia River

Jan. 12 at Woodland

Jan. 14 versus Fort Vancouver

Jan. 16 versus Seton Catholic

Jan. 18 at Mark Morris

Jan. 20 versus Hockinson

Jan. 24 versus Washougal

Jan. 26 at R.A. Long

Jan. 28 at Hudson’s Bay

Feb. 3 at Columbia River

Feb. 7 versus Woodland

Woodland Beavers

The Woodland girls basketball team started off with a winning record in the first three games of this season following a 5-15 record in 2021-2022. The Beavers won three of their 16 games against league opponents last year.

This year, the Beavers started off with a win against Kalama and nabbed their second win against La Center, 59-24.


Dec. 1 versus Kalama, Beavers won 54-38

Dec. 6 versus Columbia River, Beavers lost 26-36

Dec. 7 versus La Center, Beavers won 59-24

Dec. 12 at Fort Vancouver 

Dec. 14 versus Mark Morris

Dec. 16 versus Hockinson

Dec. 27 at Auburn

Jan. 4 at Washougal

Jan. 6 at R.A. Long

Jan. 10 at Hudson’s Bay

Jan. 12 versus Ridgefield

Jan. 14 at Columbia River

Jan. 20 versus Fort Vancouver

Jan. 24 at Mark Morris

Jan. 26 at Hockinson

Jan. 28 versus Washougal

Jan. 31 versus R.A. Long

Feb. 3 versus Hudson’s Bay

Feb. 7 at Ridgefield

Greater St. Helens League 3A

Prairie Falcons

The Prairie High School girls are coming off of an 8-11 record for the 2021-2022 season where they won five of their eight GSHL 3A games. Following losses against Ridgefield and Hudson’s Bay, the Falcons got their first win against Mountain View in a 41-22 game.


Nov. 29 versus Ridgefield, Falcons lost 37-44

Dec. 2 at Hudson’s Bay, Falcons lost 35-39

Dec. 6  at Mountain View, Falcons won 41-22

Dec. 9 versus Kelso, Falcons won 39-29

Dec. 12 at Capital 

Dec. 14 versus Battle Ground

Dec. 16 at Heritage

Jan. 3 versus Evergreen

Jan. 4 versus Hockinson

Jan. 9 at Camas

Jan. 13 at Kelso

Jan. 17 versus Mountain View

Jan. 19 at Skyview

Jan. 24 at Union

Jan. 26 at Battle Ground

Jan. 31 versus Heritage

Feb. 3 at Evergreen

Greater St. Helens League 4A

Battle Ground Tigers

The Battle Ground High School girls had a tough season last year, going 2-14 and losing all of their six GSHL 4A games. The Tigers started out this season with losses against Seton Catholic and a close contest with Evergreen where Battle Ground lost 49-53.


Nov. 29 versus Seton Catholic, Tigers lost 23-59

Dec. 2 at Evergreen, Tigers lost 49-53

Dec. 9 at Mountain View, Tigers lost 31-39

Dec. 12 versus Kelso

Dec. 14 at Prairie

Dec. 16 at Union

Dec. 17 at Roosevelt

Jan. 3 versus Skyview

Jan. 5 versus Camas

Jan. 9 versus La Center

Jan. 12 versus Evergreen

Jan. 17 at Heritage

Jan. 20 at Mountain View

Jan. 24 versus Kelso

Jan. 26 versus Prairie

Jan. 31 versus Union

Feb. 3 at Skyview

Feb. 7 at Camas