State Supreme Court declines to make decision on redistricting


The Washington State Supreme Court has declined to adopt a different redistricting plan after the commission designated to draw new maps ostensibly missed the deadline to finish its work.

In a Dec. 3 order signed by all nine justices, the court concluded the commission did meet the deadline laid out in the Washington State Constitution and “substantially complied with the statutory deadline to transmit the matter to the Legislature.” Redistricting fell into the hands of the court after the commission was unable to vote on a formal resolution for the plan before the end of Nov. 15.

The order stated the commission voted less than a minute before midnight to approve both a Congressional and Legislative plan. Following approval of the resolution the commission sent the resolution to the Legislature at 12:13 a.m. Nov. 16.

The court concluded that by approving the plans themselves before the end of Nov. 15, the commission complied with its constitutional obligation.

Following the order, the commission provided a short statement, stating they appreciated the court’s quick decision.

“The commission will carefully review the decision and update the public on next steps soon,” the statement read.


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