Woodland boutique store offers variety of treasures


Katie Murdock is the owner of Blue Orchid, a boutique store in Woodland, that opened in November of last year.

Murdock sells boutique items from local vendors in the Clark County area. Blue Orchid offers furniture, home decor items, new and used clothing, and homemade paint, among other things. 

“I’ve been in the business of redoing furniture for probably 10 years,” she said. “It just got to the point where I was like ‘I could have my own store instead of be in somebody else’s.’”

Murdock enjoys the process of restoring furniture, which she finds “very stress-relieving.” 

“You get to find pieces of junk or furniture people are going to throw away, and turn it into something beautiful, something that somebody’s going to put it into their house and love,” Murdock said. 

The store also sells antiques, which Murdock said are acquired from garage sales or Goodwill. 

One vendor Murdock highlighted at Blue Orchid is Allie Jean, whose dresses and baby clothes have been huge sellers. 

“Before (Allie Jean) was in here, she was only doing online. There was a great demand for people to be able to touch the material and actually feel it,” Murdock said. “When you’re online, you can’t, so to actually be here, she’s been able to meet that demand that customers had where they can feel it, make sure it’s what they want, and I think she’s doing really well.”

There’s also Brent and Nichole Ellefson, who run Elf’s Woodshop and Project Feminesity. Elf’s Woodshop features woodwork and furniture done by Brent. Project Feminesity, run by Nichole, sells art and serves as a nonprofit to make feminine hygiene products more accessible. 

Since the store opened, Murdock said business has been pretty good. She thought it would take a longer time to garner the clientele base she currently has. Blue Orchid is the first business Murdock has owned. It has come with “stresses, but great rewards,” she said.  

“I have people depending on me and I have to make sure everything gets done when it’s supposed to get done — normal business stresses,” Murdock said. “However, just to see people when they come in and find that perfect thing they were looking for is just very rewarding. Having groups of ladies come in when they’re out doing a shopping day and having fun, it makes me happy.”

Murdock has long-term goals for the store. She would eventually like to open a second location but that likely won’t happen for another five years. 

“I guess one of my biggest goals is to make Woodland more of a destination shopping area, a place for ladies to go for the day to shop, eat and have fun,” Murdock said. “Or if someone’s moving into a new house, you could go to Woodland to do the shopping. I love Woodland and I’d love to see it be more of a destination town.”

Although she doesn’t sell her restored furniture at the store, Murdock said she sells it as a side business from her house. 

Blue Orchid is located at 650 Goerig St., Suite E, Woodland. The business is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.