Advantage Chiropractic opens doors in Battle Ground


Morgan Ruddiman, doctor of chiropractic, recently expanded his services to Battle Ground, opening Advantage Chiropractic, originally established in Longview.

The Brush Prairie resident brings years of experience in chiropractic care in the region to Battle Ground and now has his own office next to the Albertsons.  

Ruddiman is a 2014 graduate of Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California. For the last three and a half years, Ruddiman was a clinic director for Chiro One in Salmon Creek. Ruddiman added that he left Chiro One to join Advantage’s team in Longview to then open up his own location in Battle Ground. 

“I live in Brush Prairie, so it was a natural thing to move to the Battle Ground area because we want to serve in the community that we live in and that we’re doing things in,” Ruddiman said.

Ruddiman’s practice differs from others as he explained he specializes in postural rehabilitation. In an initial examination, Ruddiman looks for distortions in a person’s posture by looking at X-rays. The X-ray allows him to measure the patient’s curvature in different segments of the spine, Ruddiman explained. Based on the examination, he develops a care plan and/or home exercises to help improve the problems identified. 

“We are a family-type clinic,” he said. “We love to see families as a whole, so the kids, you know, babies, parents, all of them together, and we really just want to serve the community and help them become healthier [and] live pain free.”

Ruddiman said he understands that people may not have much free time available, and visits to his chiropractor office may only take five to 20 total minutes, he said. The total number of visits and length of time is individualized, however, as everybody’s needs are different. 

“There’s no one real cookie-cutter approach on that because everybody is different,” Ruddiman said. “Everyone’s going to have a different spine and X-rays. So, each care plan is going to be individualized to the patient, their exam, their X-rays, their symptoms, their lifestyle and then, of course, really what they can afford timewise.”

Ruddiman said chiropractic services are an extension of general nervous system health.

“Chiropractors adjust the vertebrae, and so, at the heart of it, we’re taking care of the nervous system,” Ruddiman said. “And so if you’re having any symptoms such as numbness, tingling, pain of course, but also even things like different types of organ dysfunction … [it] could be coming from the spine. And so, overall, we like to say that we take care of the nervous system and the spine also.”

Advantage Chiropractic in Battle Ground is located at 2210 W. Main St., suite 101, in Battle Ground. The office can be reached at 360-369-5150. See more information at myadvan