Letter to the editor: Battle Ground has been fortunate in its mayor


To the citizens of Battle Ground:

You should be very proud to have a mayor like Philip Johnson. He has done a great job on the council for 12 years and has done so much for the city, unnoticed. Small things like mowing the lawn in front of the city sign when there wasn’t money for a mower and going to almost all of the businesses once a year, whether mayor or not, and trying to help them with their needs. He and your council have been instrumental in getting the money for handicap curbs and making sure that the streets are safe with new paving and striping for the coming winter.

Going to senior functions such as meetings, luncheons and activities show that he has a very sympathetic heart.

He represents you at meetings concerning your city and holds the record of not having missed one council meeting in 12 years. Keeping track of the money spent by the city, like it was his own, is uppermost.

If you go to the activities that are put on in the city, I am sure you will see your mayor helping out in any way he can, for example, with the parade and car show at Harvest Days and Veterans Day and Memorial Day ceremonies.

Mayor Johnson has the distinction of being an Eagle Scout and retired soldier and believes that patriotism is important.

We say goodbye to Philip Johnson as he will be leaving council this year with a job well done.

Wim and Lou Morris

Battle Ground