Letter to the editor: Conversation impossible because of political ideology


In response to Bruce McClay’s guest editorial “Why can’t we talk: The death of constructive dialog,” the answer is simple: It’s impossible.

You’ve seen the bumper sticker with symbols of the world’s major religions and the simple phrase “COEXIST.” How do you coexist with a philosophy or people who want to cut your head off? Mr. McClay, I suggest you have a nice little chat with some ISIS fellows and report back to us, if you can.

How do you get through to people who reject objective truth and believe you can change your sex or gender — as if there is a difference — based solely on your feelings? And then they enforce this insanity on the public schools and libraries. Now, we are supposed to believe the absurdity that a man can give birth and if you don’t believe that you’re a bigot, neanderthal, Trump MAGA racist. I guess I’m a bigot —never thought I was but apparently I am. Off to re-education camp for me. The president unfurls the pride flag alongside Old Glory, and June is officially Pride month. We are constantly bombarded with calls to “celebrate” this lifestyle, yet I read from the United Nation’s statistics, since the 1981 AIDS epidemic, between 40-51 million people have died from engaging in this lifestyle.

Why would you “celebrate” a lifestyle that ends in an excruciating death at the average age of 41? No amount of happy talk or conversational techniques can change this one, Mr.McClay.

We have immigration laws on the books, yet one party flouts those laws in order to get a permanent majority over the other. The formula is as follows: Get them here, give them government money, phones, housing, food, and, remember, come November, vote for us. Comprende?

The above is a mere traffic violation compared to what comes next and will end in the death of our country. Three days ago, my daughter-in-law gave birth to a beautiful little girl. This was after doctors in the local area told her at the halfway mark, based on ultrasound technology that the baby would never walk, never talk and have problems the rest of her life, with the connotation she should abort. How can we escape our due punishment for this crime? The answer is we won’t, and quoting Harvard eggheads won’t help. Hitler had 50 million to his account. We are over 65 million and keep talking about “A woman’s right to choose.” I love the euphemisms in all this. Let’s call it what it is: infant genocide. I do not write this to incite or insult anyone. Nevertheless, it’s the truth. If you react to all this, perhaps like Jack Nicholson said, “You can’t handle the truth.”

Mr.McClay you say that “we should lead with the acknowledgment of dignity and value of our fellow human.” I agree. But I’m still gonna keep my powder dry. It’s not too late. We could repent. Nah, Harvard says there is no God.

Tom Regan

Battle Ground