Letter to the Editor: Vote no on Ridgefield propositions



The Ridgefield School District recently wasted $318,000 to pay an outgoing superintendent merely months after saying he had the full support of the board. Now they want voters to pass a nearly $200 million school bond. Money does not grow on trees, and according to the district’s actions, they’ve foolishly wasted taxpayer money.

Based on 2023 data, Ridgefield is falling short of providing the best education possible to each student in each classroom. Nothing else takes priority over this sole purpose. Published OSPI data shows 51% of students are meeting state standards in math, 49% in science and 62% in English. These scores should be an embarrassment to the district, teachers and parents. This begs the question, with so many failing to meet the required state standards, why are these students being promoted to the next grade level?

This dual bond would increase your taxes $1.36 per $1,000 of assessed property value. Based on a median home value of $ 607,000, this is roughly an additional $816 a year. With a conservative home appreciation of 3%, a yes vote would mean a homeowner is agreeing to pay $23,400 over a 21-year period. They’ll try to sell you on a small monthly increase, but when you look at the entire financial impact, you would be burdened with a huge tax increase for the next two decades. The district needs to focus on education, not fundraising. Vote NO.

Scott Gullickson