Letter to the Editor: Passage of Ridgefield propositions offer clear path forward



As a dedicated member of the Ridgefield community, I am compelled to address the problem our schools are facing.

Tonight, I’m writing this letter representing the diverse voices of parents, grandparents, educators, retirees and, most importantly, our students.

I have been actively involved in various capacities within our school district, from volunteering with the Citizens for Ridgefield Schools to serving as a board member for the Ridgefield Public School Foundation. My commitment to our community’s educational wellbeing is deeply personal, as a mother to Henry, a second-grader navigating his schooling journey in less-than-ideal conditions due to overcrowding.

Our schools are facing unprecedented challenges in keeping up with our rapidly growing population. It’s astonishing that with over 18,000 residents, we still rely on just two elementary schools, a model that no longer suffices for our needs.

However, within these challenges lies an opportunity for progress. Propositions 10 and 11 offer a clear path forward to providing our students with the conducive learning environments they deserve. I urge everyone to support these propositions, recognizing that our collective decisions will profoundly shape the future of our community, particularly the education of our students.

It’s heartening to witness our community uniting in support of our students’ future. Regardless of backgrounds or beliefs, we share a common goal: investing in Ridgefield’s students. Ruth Bader Ginsburg once asked, “Who will take responsibility for the next generation?” The answer is clear: The responsibility is ours.

Now is the time for us to bond together for our Ridgefield and our future. Let’s showcase to Clark County and the state of Washington the true essence of Ridgefield — a community defined by resilience, determination and an unwavering commitment to the next generation. Please vote yes on propositions 10 and 11 by April 23.

Kelliana Cole