Woodland High School seniors on the football team look forward to last season


As football players congregate on the gridiron in preparation for the upcoming season, for some players — seniors — the Friday night lights will be especially meaningful.

Woodland senior Brett Martynowicz said he is excited to see how the underclassmen have improved over the offseason. 

“A number of guys were really working hard in the weight room and working hard on the field,” Martynowicz said. “And I’m excited to see the chemistry that I have with all the guys offensively, on the line and then our receivers from like the work that we put in this summer.”

Marynowicz encourages the community of Woodland and fans of football to come out and watch on Friday nights. 

“I know our levy, you know, didn’t pass, unfortunately, but we would still love it for everyone in the community to come out, and we’re still going to put on a good show for the community every Friday night. 

Woodland senior Jess Starr is looking forward to improving himself and the community for his final high school season. 

“It’s my senior season, [and] I want to help the little guys get better, for sure, and then just improve myself as much as possible and try and make the community better,” Starr said. “We’re going to make it a great season. Our coach, Coach McDonald is going to make it a great season for us. We’re going to train hard, and we’re going to win. ”

Starr encourages the community to not only support the football team but all the other fall sports as well. 

“Support us because we’re putting in the hard work, and, I mean, we’re also going to be at all the other games,” Starr said. “So I’m going to try and get as many people to go out to all the other games as we can, like the girls volleyball [team], all that other stuff to support everybody else.”

Woodland senior Cody Armstrong said he is looking forward to his final season because he feels like this group of guys on the team is closer than last year. 

“[What] I’m looking forward to most this season is probably where we came from last year to this year because we graduated a lot of guys, and I feel like this year we’re a lot more well-rounded as a team, like we’re closer together,” Armstrong said. “I think that alone will take us further in this league, and I think we’re going to get a lot more wins.”

Armstrong would like to see intensity from the fans this season and have fans support the other fall sports. 

“I’d like to see … the fans showing out and being there for us,” Armstrong said. “We’ll be there for our girls sports, all the other sports, the football team will, and we hope that all the fans will too.”