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Congratulations and much honor to this soldier.

But I don't think he served so that American citizens could have their free speech suppressed by Biden's DHS Ministry of Truth Disinformation board.

I was 9 years old when Adolph Eichman was placed on trial in Israel in 1961.

I ***uely remember seeing snippets of video of this on T.V. and seeing pictures in newspapers.

It was the most technologically advanced TV production the world had ever seen.

Four hidden cameras were allowed in the courtroom and producers there pioneered the technique of 'throwing' the picture from one camera to the other.

One hundred and eleven concentration camp survivors from various European countries testified against Eichman.

Clips of video and audiotapes went out to nations around the world every evening, and nations without TV played audio on radio stations and showed clips on newsreels in theaters.

I'm presently watching a historical presentation of the Eichman trial.

Do***ents presented and testimony given are causing me to once again ponder how the Holocaust could ever have happened.

Interestingly, America now has a new Ministry of Truth, and our citizens are subject to scrutiny regarding their comments and written speech.

Compare this with the Reich's "Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda" (Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda).

That is one echo from history.

It makes one wonder, if too many Americans violate our government's guidelines and find themselves in trouble with the truth ministers of DHS's Disinformation Board, will squads be sent to round us up?

As I am watching the Eichman trial, I have to admit that such things have happened before in modern history.

"Einsatzgruppen" (Deployment Groups) have marched out to capture and transport 'undesirable' citizens before.

This might be one reason to change leadership and policies in America as quickly as possible.

From: World War II veteran from Ridgefield celebrates 103rd birthday

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