Clark County Republican Party endorses Trump


Clark County Republican Party (CCRP) endorsed Donald Trump for president and Semi Bird for state governor at its precinct caucuses on Feb. 3.

CCRP reported a good turnout of citizens to the Feb. 3 event, according to a press release on Feb. 6. Attendees engaged elected delegates and alternates for the Clark County Republican Convention.

During the event, the CCRP obtained a strong consensus of who the preferred candidate for U.S. president and governor of Washington was through a straw poll. Over 90% supported Trump as president, and 75.3% supported Bird for governor.

Earlier in the year, the CCRP’s governing body of precinct committee officers endorsed Semi Bird for governor.

The CCRP’s next big event will be the Clark County Republican Convention, which will occur on Saturday, March 16 at the Clark County Fairgrounds Event Center, 17200 NE Delfel Road, Ridgefield. The CCRP encourages all Republican citizens to come as guests. It will cost $20 for delegates to enter, $15 for alternates and $5 for guests.