County Solid Waste partners with Ecology to secure vehicle loads


This month, Clark County Solid Waste is partnering with the Washington state Department of Ecology to reduce road waste and secure vehicle loads. The Secure Your Load campaign will aim to reduce the number of unsecured loads on roads and decrease the presence of road litter, which contributes to pollution.

The campaign’s message will raise awareness about safety hazards associated with unsecured loads, which tend to scatter hazardous road debris. Up to 40% of roadside litter is attributable to vehicles with unsecured loads, according to a news release by Clark County.

Free load securement tools will be available from Clark County Solid Waste Staff at the Central Transfer and Recycling, 11034 NE 117th Ave., Vancouver, and at the West Vancouver Material Recovery, 6601 NW Old Lower River Road, Vancouver, throughout the month. Those receiving securement tools will be asked to pledge that they will properly secure all vehicle loads in the future, the news release stated.

During the month, Ecology will also promote campaign messaging, and the Washington State Patrol will conduct emphasized patrols for unsecured loads. Fines for unsecured loads can reach a maximum of $5,000 and potential jail time, the news release stated.

To learn more about properly securing vehicle loads, visit Load.