Hatchery steelhead season extended on Salmon Creek in Clark County


Beginning last week, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has opened an extended steelhead fishing season on Salmon Creek in Clark County.

Fishing is allowed from the mouth of Salmon Creek — located northwest of Felida — and extends eastward to the Northeast 182nd Avenue bridge, southeast of Battle Ground, up until May 24, a release by WDFW stated.

A daily limit of three with a minimum size of 20 inches is allowed for anglers with selective gear rules in effect; the use of barbed hooks is allowed.

“Changes to the Salmon Creek hatchery steelhead program, resulting from the Mitchell Act Biological Opinion, have resulted in the replacement of early returning winter steelhead stocks with local stocks that exhibit a somewhat later run timing,” WDFW stated. “This rule opens hatchery steelhead fishing during the timeframe outlined above and provides anglers with additional time to harvest these fish from Salmon Creek.”

Selective gear rules require the use of a single point hook and knotless nets, no bait is allowed either. Further information regarding gear restrictions can be found in the 2023-2024 Washington Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet, eregulations.com/washing ton/fishing/.

Salmon Creek will return to permanent rules on May 25, the release stated.