In loving memory of Edward Reino Paul Aho: 1957-2022


Edward Reino Paul Aho was born Sept. 24, 1957 in Hancock, Michigan. He passed away Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021 at PeaceHealth in Vancouver, Washington. Ed died due to complications from double pneumonia. He had weak lungs from persistent pneumonia throughout his life. Ed had stubborn Finnish blood in him, which some people may call it “sisu.” Ed graduated from Conant High School in Jaffrey, New Hampshire in 1976. He met Donna Kinonen on June 29, 1979. Ed told his friend that he was going to marry her and he did on Friday, Sept. 21, 1979 in Brush Prairie, Washington. They had six children — Clarinda, Adalene, Keeley, Kaisa, Kira and Adriana — and 20 grandchildren, and were happily married for 42 years until his death. He worked at Seppala and Aho construction company in New Ipswich New Hampshire for 15 years as a computer programmer, analyst and accountant. He was on the zoning board of adjustment for the town of New Ipswich, New Hampshire. Ed was a member of the New Ipswich Apostolic Lutheran Church until he moved to Brush Prairie, Washington in 1990. 

After moving to Washington, he got a job at Mega Pacific Construction Company in Portland, Oregon. He worked as an accountant, controller and IT technician, as well as anything else he could help on, for 29 years until his passing. He worked tirelessly taking on as many tasks as he could handle. A company man, his boss and owner of the company said Ed was more of a friend and the CPA loved Ed’s accounting job when they had to review his work. 

Ed was also involved in projects as a photographer for weddings, funerals and confirmations. He was also a volunteer at the Oregon Zoo and a public safety officer at the Oregon Zoo. He loved gardening for seven years and helped the North County Community Food Bank in Battle Ground by producing 11,000 pounds of fresh organic food to help the less fortunate. He worked Saturdays and nights rototilling, planting, watering, fertilizing and weeding as he tried to help produce as much for the food bank as he could. 

Ed was a type “A” personality (go, go, go). He always tried to fix broken things and wanted to see if he could fix anything and everything. He tore apart and fixed his wife’s van by searching YouTube videos until the project was done. Ed was always rescuing his wife on computers and phone problems. She relied on him to make her life easier. 

Donna and the children never heard Ed lie. He always did what he said he would do, keeping his word, and he never swore once during their 42 years of marriage. 

To go see the video of Ed’s service on YouTube search “Funeral of Edward Aho”. 

On Nov. 14, 2021, Laynes Funeral Home did his service and he was laid to rest at Finn Hill cemetery.