La Center votes to keep incumbents


In La Center, those currently installed on the City Council are on track to keep their seats in the latest election.

The incumbent Myrna Leija was humbled with her presumptive election. As of the latest results before press time, she had 68.9% of the votes to challenger Crystal Harvey’s 30.9%.

Leija acknowledged she lacked understanding in land management and city codes going in to the election but felt she could learn.

“My love and my servant’s heart, [whether] I’m a jailer, or whether I’m on the City Council, I want to do right by people, and I want to do right by this city,” Leija said.

Leija was a fan of Tom Strobehn, the once-councilor and now mayor of the city.

“He’s very hard-working. He’s a go-getter,” Leija said,

Regardless of differences, Leija believed the council members have worked well together in the past.

“We’re going to accomplish some stuff now,” Leija said.

She said she was “astonished and heartbroken” with regard to the state of the voter base. As of press deadline, there was a total voter turnout of 26.2% in Clark County.

Likely to win alongside her is incumbent Elizabeth Cerveny. She also noted most voters aren’t engaged.

“In today’s climate, everyone chooses to complain, but no one chooses to vote,” Cerveny said, adding she is known for being “brutally honest.”

As of press deadline, Cerveny had 60.8% to challenger and former councilor Linda Tracy’s 38.4%.