Letter to the editor: An obvious biased attack on Joe Kent


It is unfortunate that The Reflector’s staff has not read The Reflector’s motto on the front page: “The Newspaper with Integrity Since 1909.”

In a hit piece against Joe Kent, the “America First” Republican candidate for Washington’s Third Congressional District, the paper failed completely to report that hundreds of enthusiastic Southwest Washington Kent supporters were in attendance at the rally.  The article’s only photo of the crowd shows one person holding a Kent sign in an attempt to hide Joe Kent’s growing support. Unlike Jaime Herrera Beutler, Nancy Pelosi’s favorite Republican, who had her secret annual country barbecue and picnic at a “location in Clark County,” all were invited to Joe’s rally at the fairgrounds. The article then brings up the smear against Representative Matt Gaetz. Gaetz’s extortionist has been indicted, not Matt Gaetz. Not missing a trick, next the article smears Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who also endorses Joe Kent.

The article then brushes aside Heidi St. John breaking her pledge to step aside for the Republican candidate that received President Trump’s endorsement, which is Joe Kent. Unlike Wadi Yakhour, who honored his pledge, Heidi is staying in the race. One can only wonder what other pledges Heidi will break.

Lastly, the article tried to infer that Joe Kent is not in sync with the Republican party.  Unfortunately, it is Jaime Herrera Beutler, who voted against the border wall, who is out of sync with the voters in the Third District. Joe, on the other hand, has been unanimously endorsed by the Wahkiakum County Republican Party. Herrera’s big money is coming from corporate PACs and major pharmaceutical companies rather than Third District voters.

The Third District needs a representative in Congress who will fight for us rather than the entrenched elite in Washington, D.C. This is why I support Joe Kent. I would expect to read an article with an obvious biased attack on Joe Kent in the Columbian, not in a paper with “integrity.”  The staff needs to learn the difference between a news article and an editorial.

Thomas Newman,

La Center


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