Letter to the editor: Baker will best address Ridgefield district problems


Ridgefield Schools need significant change. In 2022 the Ridgefield Education Association voted with an over 95% majority that they had no confidence in three major central office administrators. We sorely need another elementary school to relieve overcrowding at Union Ridge. In August 2023, our superintendent resigned without open information about why. We need to rebuild trust and work toward a future that welcomes all students and helps each one thrive and learn.

Amber Baker has a passion for helping our district. She has education and experience building community by listening to and integrating all voices. She understands consensus and how to build it. Help us elect Amber Baker as Ridgefield School Board director. She will build relationships with other board members and help us transform our district. Vote by Nov. 7 for Amber Baker. Thank you!

Rheta Rubenstein