Letter to the editor: Be wary of political attack ads


Neighbors, be wary of political attack ads currently seen on local TV channels. The ads try to cast doubt about our just elected Congresswoman, who assumed office little more than a handful of weeks ago.

Irrelevant and contextually vague content along with glowering faces manufacture an entirely unsubstantiated narrative about someone who has hardly had enough time to become familiar with responsibilities the majority of voters of Washington’s 3rd District chose her to exercise. Really, what have we done to deserve being subjected to more of the non-stop grievance and divisive content undermining confidence in government and voter choice? Take note that these ads originate with a hyper partisan organization channeling “dark (read untraceable) money” into domestic politics.

Whatever their intent, the toxins of social discontent and extremist behavior seem to be the consequence.

Ellery Kuhn,



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  • HonestJoe

    Nice try, "Ellery Kuhn".

    I doubt your opinion actually represents more than 15% of the people who live and vote in your district. What about the attack ads Marie G. Perez ran using falsehoods and untruths against her opponent during her campaign? You democrats are in for a harsh awakening, and won't be able to maintain this charade for much longer.

    Thursday, April 13 Report this

  • markridge

    Another "air sandwich" comment from Honest Joe. Dude, you need to get out more.

    Tuesday, April 18 Report this

  • liberalsbane

    You say she's unfamiliar with her responsibilities.? If she doesn't even understand something that basic, why did you vote for her? Wait, I know: she has a "D" next to her name and that's enough for you.

    Saturday, April 22 Report this