Letter to the editor: Democratic Party has taken US down wrong path


This is what your Democratic Party has brought to our country the last few years: 20% increase in food prices; higher gas prices; two wars; open borders, over 2 million and counting; giving illegals free housing, food, cell phones, plane tickets to any place in the US. They have raised our debt to over $32 trillion dollars and counting. This cannot continue without major consequences to our economics.

When it comes to our border, there are terrorists crossing our borders every day. The Democrats have no concern for our safety. Sooner or later there will be an attack on our country by these terrorists who crossed our border undetected.

This Democratic Party cares more about illegals than American citizens. Every decision that the Biden administration has made has been disastrous. They keep giving money to countries who hate us and who want to destroy America.

Biden has taken so much money from foreign countries that he is compromised and his policies have shown that. How can anyone vote for a socialist party like the Democratic Party. They are a globalist party and not an American-first party. If you want this country to represent your values and care about Americans, then in the next election the Republican Party is the only party who can restore Old Glory to its greatness.

James Kissee

Battle Ground