Letter to the editor: Ferrer has Battle Ground’s best interests at heart


I had the fortunate encounter of meeting a fellow mother and resident of Battle Ground a few months ago at our city-wide Harvest Days. After a while of speaking with the fellow mother of Battle Ground, I found out that she was none other than Victoria Ferrer who is running for Battle Ground City Council position 3.

I’ve had the great privilege of getting to know Victoria over the last few months and have been grateful for her love of our beautiful city. Victoria cares, she listens, she stops what she’s doing to answer my phone calls, and she’s genuinely concerned about the rapid growth of Battle Ground, which lacks proper infrastructure to support it. I have written multiple times to our current City Council with my concerns/questions only to be shot down with rude emails returned.

I am a mother of small children who genuinely cares about the future of our town and the future of our children. I am concerned if we continue to vote people into City Council who do not have similar beliefs and policies that Victoria puts forth and believes in, then the Battle Ground that we all know and love will cease to exist.

I encourage you to reach out to Victoria yourself so that you, too, are able to learn about her values and her love of Battle Ground. I promise that she won’t disappoint you.

Alicia Irwin

Battle Ground