Letter to the editor: Ferrer running for Republican Party, not Battle Ground residents


Maybe Rob Anderson, who is well known in Republican circles, was a tad bit disingenuous in his Oct. 16 letter to the editor? First, I must point out that I’m sure Ms. Ferrer is a perfectly fine mom, and I or no one else I know has ever questioned that. I’m not sure why he and others keep mentioning her being a mother. Second, I must point out that Mr. Anderson accuses me of attacking a veteran, when in his letter he attacks me (U.S. Army 1979-2004.) Have you no shame, sir, in attacking a veteran?

Then there’s the issue of Ms. Fererr’s health. All I know is that on June 15, the City Council had three applicant interviews for a vacant seat. Ms. Ferrer was one of them, and she no-showed. She later that evening sent an email around 11:30 p.m. stating family issues were the cause of her no-show. OK. On July 6, with the primary debate run by the League of Women Voters, she refused to commit. Well, OK. Then on Oct. 5, she called in sick for the final debate run by the League of Women Voters. Three public events, and she’s a no-show. Having some experience on city council, showing up for the meetings is one of the main requirements of the job, and she’s just not good at showing up.

I believe Mr. Anderson, himself, has the reason for Ms. Ferrer’s debate no-shows. He has stated in an online Clark County newspaper the following: Rob Anderson, Oct. 13, 2023, at 4:53 p.m.,

“LWV is a left-leaning org that poses as an independent group. They stack questions that favor or help left-leaning candidates and allow them to go after conservative candidates while holding conservative candidates to a higher standard. Case in point, Perez v Kent and the Stonier v Baker forums from 2022.”

I don’t know how water, sewer, parks, subdivisions, etc. are left-wing issues, Mr. Anderson? But if she can’t speak to one woman asking city business-based questions, how will she ever make it for four years in the public eye? I believe the answer for Ms. Ferrer being nowhere to be found is that beyond all the campaign platitudes, she’s an empty suit. She’s running for the Clark County Republican Party who are her backers and benefactors, when she should be running for the 23,000+ of us who call Battle Ground home.

Philip Johnson

Battle Ground