Letter to the editor: It’s not hard  to see the system is broken


We need to have a few more senators and congressmen with a backbone.

It’s no secret. It’s been evident for a number of years now. The Constitution was once acknowledged and affirmed by those who join the military or are elected to public office. Now it’s just words mouthed by those who say anything to get elected. Joe Biden, the president, swore an oath to uphold the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. He swore an oath to uphold the rule of law and equal justice for all. Anyone paying attention lately learned long ago there are two systems of justice in our country: One for the politically connected and one for the rest of us.

It’s not hard to see that the system is broken. Those who cannot afford a good attorney often receive a stiffer penalty than those better connected. Destroying the system is not the answer; fix the broken part please. Many are frustrated by the lack of consequences for those politically connected. Remember Hillary Clinton destroying emails under subpoena, or FBI agents destroying laptops and cellphones of Hillary’s associates for what, a plea bargain? I thought a plea deal meant the government obtained something useful to prosecute someone, not protect them. James Comey, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, and James Clapper all lied and instead of prosecution they became TV celebrities or wrote bogus books and made money. Don’t get me started on the lying Adam Schiff. He only lied to the American public for how many years? No harm, no foul, if you’re a Democrat.

Let’s compare politically approved violence to unapproved. There were over 800 riots across the nation in the summer of 2020. That resulted in over $2 billion in destroyed property, nearly 1,000 law enforcement officers injured, and over two dozen people killed. If they were arrested, the majority of rioters walked away free of any charges. Then Senator Kamala Harris raised bail money for violent offenders, ensuring they would go out to commit more crimes?

To see the other side of the coin, we only have to look at the treatment of those caught up in the “insurrection” on Jan. 6, 2021. How many are still being held without being charged or being denied bail or even being denied access to an attorney? We don’t know because the media buried the figures. If someone destroyed property or assaulted law enforcement, then charge them and punish them according to the law no matter what their political stance is. Some are guilty of trespassing, most after being waved in by Capitol Police. A nation that punishes political opponents more harshly than its criminals cannot exist but by the silence of that nation’s citizens. How many Republican members of Congress have spoken out on the conditions of these political prisoners? Very few. The Republican Party as well as Democrats needs to have a few more senators and congressmen with a backbone.

God Bless America.

Norman Phillips, 



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