Letter to the Editor: Independent election audits would answer questions



In response to Ellen Townsend’s objections regarding correcting vulnerabilities in Clark County’s voting system: Many citizens question past elections. There are fraud concerns over mass mail-in voting when there is no chain of custody, no cameras on drop boxes, inadequate signature verification, no thorough auditing (election count numbers don’t equal the number of ballots received), dirty voter rolls and uncertainty about how trustworthy the ballot counting machines are.

In 2020, citizens asked Greg Kimsey for a full forensic audit of the 2020 election. He refused and would only do it if it was court mandated. What was he afraid of?  He also refused to debate in person in 2022 virtually, the only opponent he’s had. What was he afraid of?

He claims the software is tested and certified by the Secretary of State  — that no changes have been made to the software system. Of course, we should ALWAYS trust the government. The problem is that the system is proprietary, designed, manufactured and “tested” by one company called Haven InterCivic. What is needed isn’t an “internal audit” or “risk limiting audit” by Mr. Kimsey’s office alone, but an external, independent audit run by unbiased experts in external test labs. But that hasn’t been allowed.

Real testing of these “black box” machines would allow them to be opened up to look at the actual code, but Mr. Kimsey refuses to allow that.

Election observers wanted external verification of signatures and Greg refused.

Federal law requires preserving election data for 22 months. Greg had it erased after six months or so.

Ms. Townsend claims — falsely — that this initiative is an extension of the MAGA movement. Is she similarly critical of congressmen Amy Klobachar, Greg Lieu, Sen. Elizabeth Warren — all Democrats — who voiced alarm and questioned the trustworthiness of the voting machines — that have NOT been around for “hundreds of years” — before Donald Trump ever came on the political landscape? Is she as critical of Hillary Clinton or Georgia’s Stacy Abrams who continuously denied the results of their elections?

A fine PBS series called “Mr. Bates vs. the Post Office” about secret computer fraud shows what happened to 555 British postmasters who had their postal machines looted by the software company, yet the HRH Post Office (cuz we ALWAYS trust the government) that mandated use of those machines covered up the malfeasance and instead accused the postmasters of embezzlement, destroying their lives in the process.

Much has come out about how untrustworthy the 2020 elections were: secretaries of state illegally changed how elections were run when the Constitution states only state legislatures can do that. Zuckerberg’s CTCL spent $400 million to take over running elections. Minnesota now admits that 17,000 dead people voted. Do we know how many dead people voted in Clark County?

It must be bliss to believe that elections are perfect. Fragile Ellen thinks we need therapy. I think someone who feels “harassed” because she’s asked to confirm she’s a registered Clark County voter might need some therapy.

Ann Evans