Letter to the editor: Marie Gluesenkamp Perez did a ‘bait and switch’ 


I was astounded to discover that the new congresswoman for district 3, Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, voted against HR 23, the Family and Small Business Taxpayer Protection Act on her first day in the new 118th Congress.

This bill, HR 23, would defund the monies to the IRS to pay for 87,000 new IRS agents, would no longer allow the IRS to audit small transactions of $600 or more, and would prohibit the IRS from auditing small businesses and hard-working families who earn less than $400,000 per year. 

Thankfully, HR 23 passed the House. However, Marie chose to protect the IRS and vote against small businesses and hard-working families by voting against HR 23.

During Marie’s campaign, she promised she would champion small businesses and family-owned businesses in Washington’s Third Congressional District. She clearly did a “bait and switch” on the people of the third district and voted for more of the same Democratic socialist status quo.

Susan Allen,

Battle Ground


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  • Mackep

    Nonsense. Don't let the title of this bill deceive you, it was drummed up by the house republicans. It is intended to rescind funding from the IRS given by the Inflationary Reduction Act already passed and signed into law. The intent of the IRA is to bolster the IRS to allow prosecution of big-time tax cheats-like trump.

    Tuesday, February 14 Report this

  • markridge

    If you don't break tax law, what are you worried about?

    I've been paying taxes my entire life, and I want others to do so.

    If you break tax law, I want an IRS agent on your case. I payed, and

    I want you to pay too.

    Don't believe everything you hear from your RW news outlets. They are

    geared to keep you fearful of everything. What do you have to fear if

    you pay your taxes? Nothing, nothing at all.

    Saturday, February 25 Report this