Letter to the editor: Maturity can’t come soon enough for lost youth


Over the past month, not only has my family had to deal with hospitalizations, wind storms and downed trees, bitter cold, bad roads, and deaths of loved ones, we’ve also had to endure rage-filled attacks demolishing our mailbox and repeated vandalism.

We noticed other neighbors’ mailboxes also being attacked, and one Sunday morning, recycle bins being hit and overturned, trash strewn all along the road. I so appreciate the patient and resigned neighbors who picked the trash back up, along with the county public works department. I’ve notified the sheriff’s office. I’ve noticed increased patrols along our busy road. I hope they patrol after school and on weekends, when sad and rageful young men seem to have no other purpose in life but to drive at suicidal speeds with loud vehicles, killing wildlife, throwing trash and empty bottles out of their windows.

Why aren’t they doing something constructive to help their families and community? Where are the adults who can put these young people to work? There is plenty to be done around here. Maturity can’t come too soon for these sad, lost young men.

Benjamin Meek,

Battle Ground