Letter to the editor: Officer Rey Reynolds has done nothing wrong


I write in support of the most extraordinary and gifted policeman I have had the honor to meet, Rey Reynolds. He has risked all to protect others for decades, yet we’ve seen him weep while speaking of people on the streets and other suffering persons. 

Reynolds has a great heart. Those launching witch hunts against him for political and personal reasons demonstrably have no interest in our safety, justice, or even racial equity, as officer Reynolds is an African American who has faithfully served our community. Who are his accusers?

Rey is unashamedly Christian, as are the majority of Clark County citizens. Yet, that is the only real reason he is persecuted and the victim of malicious lies in the Vancouver Police Department (VPD). Reyolds only “mistake” was running for sheriff against a politically correct system, where a tiny percentile of people demands more rights than the rest of the population. But helping people feel better about their sex lives is not the purview of the police in any sane or just state. Now, the worst of them attack an innocent man while destroying lives and jobs of those who won’t champion their lifestyles (some of which border on pederasty, such as adult near-nude men fondling children in our libraries). I assure the VPD and Vancouver officials that exponentially more of us want sexual pandering of children to end with jail, not to be enshrined by the VPD.

Reynold’s accusers clearly cannot work with others, including this excellent officer who has earned respect for years of good work.

They should be ashamed to treat him so shoddily in a time when Washington’s officers are quitting in droves and Olympia has already made their jobs difficult and dangerous. I request the VPD drop all pretense of investigation against Rey Reynolds. He has done nothing wrong. Also, to reinstate him with back pay, apologize, cease the corrupt and discouraging practice of entitlement based on sexual identity, and investigate those in their ranks who cause division merely to promote themselves. They are the problem, not officer Reynolds.

April Kiessling,

Battle Ground